Intermediate LST (2 Month Program)


$600.00 Excluding GST

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Program for more further development in LST after completing the Basic LST program.

Initial Interview (1 hour consult)

  • Client Surveys on diet, lifestyle, and goals
  • Body Measurements
  • Request for medical information including blood test results

Individualized Recommendations (1 hour consult)

  • Support Services and Adjunct Treatments
  • Meal and Exercise Schedules

Guidance on Intermittent Fasting and Time Restricted Eating

Guidance on Physical Conditioning

  • Requests for additional laboratory/blood tests

Final Interview (1 hour consult)

  • Client Surveys on Program
  • Review Initial and Final Body Measurements
  • Review Initial and Final blood test results

2 – 3 Day Fast

Colonic with Coffee Retention

1/2 Hour Abdominal Massage

Daily Check-Ins

4 Seminars/Workshops & Body Metrics

Post- graduation Follow-Up at 3 months