HBS Signature Life Style Training (3 Month Program)

$450 Including GST

HBS Signature Lifestyle Training Program.

Knowledge + Tools + Support = Success

Everything you need to start your journey to health.

Just $5 per day!

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Comprehensive Program for Healthy Living: No more diets, just a new lifestyle.

Super Affordable at only $5/day, Billed as $150/month

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Welcome Package (digital)

  • Program Booklet
  • Meal & Recipe Booklet
  • Educational Materials
  • Coupons to purchase support products

Initial Interview (Zoom meeting)

  • Review Client Survey on diet, lifestyle, and goals
  • Optional: Request for medical information including blood test results
  • Optional: Support Services and Adjunct Treatments Suggested
  • Personalized Meal and Exercise Guidelines and Schedules
  • Guidance on Intermittent Fasting/Time Restricted Eating
  • Guidance on Physical Conditioning: Strength, Aerobic, Yoga, and more
  • Guidance on Stress Management and Improving Sleep

Final Interview (Zoom meeting)

  • Review Client Survey on Program
  • Review results

Daily Check-Ins: Review Chronometer entries for the day

Online-Support: Monitored VIP Chat Room

Seminars & Workshops

Option to enroll in HBS Continuing LST program