HBS 21 Days to a New You


$200 Excluding GST

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This is 21 Day version of our signature HBS Life Style Training Course

This program is designed for those who want to experience the benefits of our methods before enrolling in the full 3 month Signature Program. You can seamlessly continue past the 3 weeks with enrollment in the 3 month program at significant savings.

Welcome Package

  • Program Booklet
  • Meal & Recipe Booklet
  • Educational Materials
  • List of participating restaurants that provide approved meals with delivery
  • Coupons to purchase support products

Initial Interview (1 hour consult)

  • Review Client Survey on diet, lifestyle, and goals
  • Take Body Measurements
  • Request for medical information including blood test results

Individualized Recommendations (1 hour consult)

  • Support Services and Adjunct Treatments Suggested
  • Personalized Meal and Exercise Guidelines and Schedules
  • Guidance on Intermittent Fasting/Time Restricted Eating
  • Guidance on Physical Conditioning: Strength, Aerobic, Yoga, and more

Daily Check-Ins: Review Chronometer entries for the day

Fortnightly Recording of Bio-metrics

Online-Support: Monitored VIP Chat Room

1 Seminar/Workshop

Option to enroll in HBS Signature LST program for $500

  • Personalized support product gift
  • Additional coupons